Mercenary Horseman 3.705

With skill and saved coin from past work, comes better arms and armor as well as something many a farm boy dreams of: a horse of their own to ride gallantly into battle on!

While they are far from the most formidable men in Pendor, Mercenary Horsemen serve well in thier role as medium cavalry, generally having enough staying power to do serious damage to forces lacking in hardened veterans or heavy cavalry to counter them. Being similarly armed to a Scout, usually more often being seen with javelins and often having proper "knightly" lances as well as better quality swords of various makes, can combined with thier better survivability, lead to a cavalry charge of mercenaries utterly devastating even a modestly sized lord's army - or being obliterated after thier initial charge.

As they can get fairly expensive when fielded in large numbers, it's advised to only use these men if money isn't an issue, you need the soldiers desperately - be it to replace casualties or pad a garrison - Or you seek the challenge that only fielding mercenaries might give.

This troop is upgraded from Mercenary Scout for 80 d and upgrades into Mercenary Sergeant for 160 d.

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