Mercenary Armsman

Mercenary Armsmen are young men who have chosen to follow the path of a mercenary. They have gained some experience from previous fights they watched or survived first-hand and are now capable of handling some more serious, but not too difficult tasks, like guarding a caravan.

They come equipped with a shield and can wield an axe, a spiked mace or a sword. Some have actually considered bringing along a spear with them. They bought some decent armour for all that they could afford. They are the standard unit of measure for infantry. They may not seem impressive, but the world wouldn't have gone anywhere without these grunts. A wise commander wouldn't commit these men to a frontal assault unless there is no other way. They still have much to learn and they know it, so that's why they ask for low fees and hope to get some loot after a fight.

This troop is upgraded from Sellsword for 10 d and upgrades into Mercenary Swordsman for 20 d.

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