Melitine Infantry

Since they haven't heard much in the way of good news from Pendor, the Melitine Empire has dispatched soldiers there to keep tabs on things, among them of course, their brave foot soldiers, the Melitine Infantry, who are presumably the "veterans" from their largely conscript army.

They are better equipped than many units in their tier, their armor providing solid protection and good mobility and their shields keeping missiles at bay. They are armed with a regular Arming Sword, Old Empire Hastas, the fearsome Melitine Gutspiller spear and a Heavy Board Shield. En masse (such as when facing the Sarno Expedition or Melitine Scouting Force) they can be a significant problem to face, their spears stalling cavalry charges in their tracks resulting in lancers and horse archers pumping them or their mounts full of holes or putting a lance through their face or shattering their shield. In a sustained fight however, they'll eventually be overwhelmed and crumple against a sustained assault against heavier infantry.

They can be encountered in either Melitine Scouting Forces (40-80), in the Sarno Expedition (25-50) or Sebastokrator Kaspax's army (150-200). They can only be hired from prisoner stacks, upgrading from the previous troop, the Melitine mercenaries heartbeat quest or indirectly via hiring the Sarno Expedition.

This troop is upgraded from Melitine Free Brother for 80 d and upgrades to Melitine Imperial Guard for 160 d.

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