Melitine Imperial Guard

Serving as the body guards of the Melitine nobles, the Melitine Imperial Guards are the most powerful infantry of the Melitine kingdom. Like all other warriors of their kingdom, they ride into battle, only dismounting to fight. This practice has allowed their infantry to be less fatigue when they need to fight the enemy. 

Imperial Guards serve two roles extremely well. They are high tier infantry damage wise, but medium defense wise, they are shock troops. Their Lamellar armor provides less protection as compared to chain-mail or plate armor, but it requires less effort to march and fight in. This allows the guards to move and strike faster, which is a characteristic of shock troops. Their endurance is extremely impressive, and less encumbrance allows them to reach an enemy line much faster than almost any other infantry. They carry no shields, instead using heavy two-handed Northern Battle axes and Old Empire hasta (throwing spears), great for cleaving enemies and halting cavalry. However, their lack of shields makes the long march towards an archer firing line extremely perilous, and thus, the Imperial Guards should be used to flank the enemy or protected behind the shieldwall of the Melitine Infantry or an onrushing charge of Melitine cavalry.

They can be encountered in either Melitine Scouting Forces (20-40), in the Sarno Expedition (20-40) or Sebastokrator Kaspax's army (60-100).

This troop is upgraded from Melitine Infantry for 160 d and upgrades no more.