Melitine Griwbanar

Hailing from Amala, the Melitine Griwbanar are the cataphracts of the Melitine Empire. Honing skills and equipment rivaling that of the Barclay Conquistadors, the Griwbanar ride on armored hunters and serve as an extremely essential component of the Melitine cavalry regitment. They serve as the "hammer" in the classic Hammer and Anvil strategy commonly used by the Melitine. 

They wear the highly protective Melitine Plate Armor with Melitine Plate Boots and Hourglass Gauntlets and their iconic Melitine Bronze Mask. They also wield the Melitine Horseman Shield. Their armor is composed largely from bronze, which is easily distinguishable from the iron armor commonly used by most heavy cavalry. Their helmets seem to be largely similar to those of the Jatu Warlords', which makes sense given their background. Their offensive tools are comprised of the fearsome Morningstar, the blunt Long Hafted Spiked Mace and their unique lance, the Melitine Impaler. Their mount is the medium armored, medium speed Melitine Barded Purebred

They can be encountered in either Melitine Scouting Forces (5-10), in Sebastokrator Kaspax's army (30-60) but not in the Sarno Expedition (0). They can only be obtained upgrading from the previous troop or by the Melitine mercenaries heartbeat quest.

This troop is upgraded from Melitine Heavy Horse Archer or Melitine Lancer for 200 d and upgrades no more.