Melitine Free Brother

The basic of the Melitine troops, this unit is not found in any Melitine armies or scouting parties, but is only found in taverns where they await hiring by a worthy captain. Though they are the weakest of the Melitine, they are still fearful archers rivaling all but the top tier faction archer troops. Though they usually fare poorly in melee against infantry, they can come equipped quite well to deal with cavalry. Still, they should avoid melee at all costs.

They may come equipped with a number of different weapons including: Melitine Army Bow with Melitine Arrows, Melitine Sabre, Melitine Gutspiller, Melitine Spear, Melitine Lance, Arming Sword and finally the Long Bardiche. They will also be equipped with either a Melitine Tear Shield or a Heavy Board Shield. They are medium armored with the Melitine Lamellar Armor and the Dark Leather Greaves, Leather Gloves and Melitine Helmet.

As with most basic units, they should be kept away from battle where they can train into their more powerful superiors. This unit however, is able to hold its own quite well even away from battle using their powerful Melitine Army Bow and their high proficiency in archery.

This is the basic unit of the Melitine Empire and upgrades to Melitine Infantry and Melitine Archer for 80d.

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