Melitine Archer

These soldiers appear to be Infantry who've gone down the path of foot archery instead of riding about firing at things or poking the enemy with pointy sticks. They back their comrades in the various missions they've been sent on with a hail of arrows shattering lesser shields and pincushioning light cavalry and infantry.

They are solid marksmen who will easily massacre anything not using a shield and can often drop anything that isn't a mid-tier unit with one body shot, and even heavier infantry are not safe from more than four or five of them.

They are equipped with the slow, but powerful Melitine Army Bow with 42 Melitine Arrows as well as the cavalry halting Melitine Gutspiller and Long Bardiche. For armor, they don the medium weight, but unprotective Melitine Lammellar Armor, with a Melitine Helmet, Dark Leather Greaves and Leather Gloves.

As they are fairly accurate shooters and have surprising ability when forced into melee, any chance to grab these men should be taken, though they lack shields which for archers of their caliber is always a downer.

They can be encountered in either Melitine Scouting Forces (30-60), in the Sarno Expedition (25-50) but not in Sebastokrator Kaspax's army (100-150). They can only be hired from prisoner stacks, upgrading from the previous troop, the Melitine mercenaries heartbeat quest or indirectly via hiring the Sarno Expedition.

This troop is upgraded from Melitine Free Brother for 80 d and upgrades into Melitine Heavy Horse Archer and Melitine Lancer for 160 d.

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