The city of Marleons is situated in the north of the Kingdom of Sarleon. It is originally the seat of power of Duke Aelfwine. The city lies near the edge of Sarleon territory, on the south-eastern shore of the inland sea, with a small mountain range to the south-east and the Jatu plains to the east.

Its villages are Foxstead, Pern, Tahlberl and Avayburg.

Marleons has around a 10% chance of holding a Order of the Lion chapter.


Marleons seen from the top.


The main exports of Marleons (as the townsfolk will tell you) are Bread, Smoked Fish, Ale, Leatherworks, Tools, Wool Cloth and Pottery.

File:Marleons Heavy Cavalry.png

Surrounding LandsEdit

The city itself comes with no added fiefs, and only a small handful of villages surround Marleons: Pern just to the south, Burglen just to the north-east and Amere just to the east.

There is only one castle close to the city, and thus little extra defence: Talon Castle, situated just to the north-east on the shores of the inland sea. Haringoth Castle lies far to the south-west halfway between Marleons and Sarleon, with a large area of open land between them.
Squire Walcott

Squire Walcott outside the tavern.


The Guildmaster of Marleons is Squire Walcott. Its very

hard to miss him as he can be found just as you walk through the city gates, straight ahead and slightly to the left hand side, just outside the tavern next to a table.

 Chest Edit

The chest held inside can be claimed if you capture and get for yourself this city. It contains Ornate Marleons Plate Armor.

People of InterestEdit

  • Lady Bela - The wife of Duke Aelfwine. She can be found in the castle, through the city gates and up to the far end of the main street and through the archway to the right.
  • Steward Shalador - Castle Seneschal, found in the same area as Lady Bela.
  • Erixa - Tavern Keeper. Her tavern is just to the left hand side as you enter the city gates.
  • Borcha - Horse Merchant. Found at the end of the street just to the right on the city gates.
  • Turnold - Arms Merchant. His stall can be found just up the main street to the left hand side, just behind the Guildmaster.
  • Gerry - Armour Merchant. Found up the main street from the city gates on the right hand side, just passed the shop.
  • Xorn - Goods Merchant. His shop is located just up the main street to the right hand side.
  • Isador - Arena Master. Found in the platform overlooking the arena. Head right up the main street and through the archway to the right into the castle courtyard. Go down the street to the right hand side of the courtyard. The entrance to the arena is just to the right hand side at the end of the street.


Marleons Arena

Marleons Arena.

Tournaments in Marleons are very much centered around the art of the sword, with combatants recieving any of the following armaments: One Handed Swords, Two Handed Swords and Shields. All combatants will also recieve a Horse, so come prepared for a short, fast-paced and brutal tournament. Those combatants that recieve a Two Handed Sword may be found to be the dominant force in this particular melee, as horses fall quickly before heavy, two handed weaponry. Those with Shields must not neglect their blocks, lest they fall prey to a single, powerful blow from a two hander. A short and simple tournament in general, though you must ensure to always keep your guard up and stay a safe distance from the reach of two handed swords until an opportunity presents itself to strike. Remember this and victory should be yours fairly quickly.


Despite having no real advantageous features to its
Marleons Siege - Attacker 2

View of the walls from an attackers point of view.

walls, besieging Marleons may prove to be a daunting prospect indeed. The city will have a large, and generally quite experienced, garrison, due to the standing of its lord. Any attacker wishing to take the city must be prepared to take suprisingly heavy losses whilst attempting to take the walls. The attackers will begin on a fairly open area of land within the two layers of the city walls (the first already breached by this point), only to immediately find that their advance will be hampered considerably by a large
Marleons Siege - Attacker

The stakes embedded in front of the wall.

wall of sharpened wooden stakes embedded directly in front of the main wall. These stakes can prove difficult to traverse with only a few designated openings, a fact that enemy ranged units will take full advantage of to inflict heavy casualties on their hampered attackers. Once passed the stakes the attackers must then slowly scale the single siege ladder placed against the wall, to pass through a small gap in the crenellations (most likely to be held at bay by the attackers for some time. Two adjacent towers to the ladder protrude slightly from the wall on either side, exposing the flanks of any unit on the ladder to missile fire, ensuring that considerable casualties will be sustained at this point.

The only point of this battle where the defenders may struggle is when, or if, the attackers gain a foothold on the wall, as the wall offers no real advantage to the defenders once the enemy is upon them (not many stairs, no real towers etc)

Overall a moderately easy city to defend, depending on the size of the attacking force, and a difficult city to assault successfully. A large and well experienced force will be needed in order to take the city, and even then considerable casualties will be sustained.

Marleons Siege - Defender

A view down the ladder and of the outer wall.

Marleons Siege - Defender 2

A view along the wall from the left hand side.

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