Map Time refers to the transition of the 10 different stages that occur every day in Pendor.

It is usually signified by a view of the map and a progression through the day-night cycle. Map time usually occurs when you're resting in camp or a tavern, waiting in siege, training villagers or simply traveling on the map. It can also happen when you pass time manually, usually by holding the spacebar.

Moving or waiting normally causes 1 hour in game to pass every 4 seconds in reality, with a whole day lasting just over one and a half minutes (1:36).

While quick waiting (Ctrl+Spacebar) or attending an event, a whole day passes in only 10 seconds, or 2.4 game hours per real second.

Day cycleEdit

Each day passed in-game affects your score when you retire from adventuring (1 Day passed = -1 score).

Every day, the prosperity of nearby villages and cities will be announced.

There are ten named stages of each day:

  • Midnight - date changes
  • Late Night
  • Dawn - sun rises
  • Early Morning
  • Morning
  • Noon
  • Afternoon
  • Late Afternoon
  • Dusk
  • Evening - sun sets

Regardless of the division by 10, the game still recognizes the day as being 24 hours long, and many events within the game record the passage of time by hours rather than days, such as a week being 168 hours rather than 7 days.


  • During the day, the party will move at full speed and have full spotting range.
  • Arenas and Tournaments will be open in towns.
  • The Nervous Man (one of the quests given by the Village Elder) can only be found in villages during the daylight hours.


  • Your party will get a -40% speed penalty and half the spotting range. Tracking will be less effective as well.
  • Your party morale will be decreased when battling.
  • There will be fewer caravans and moving villagers, perhaps none.
  • Random villages will have bandits that will ambush you when you arrive and attempt to do anything at that village.

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