Maiden Noble-0

Lady Knightess from humble origins... Edit

The Maiden Noble is one of two final-tier units available in the female Mercenary tree, the other being the original final unit, the Heroine Adventurer. Armed in a similar manner to the knights of Sarleon, Ravenstern and Pendor, these war-hardened women are one of the strongest units in-game, bearing stats and skills to match a noble from a Knighthood order in feats of arms. Training them from a humble peasant woman or maiden warder is no small feat, however, so value the presence of these warriors.

Unlike the Heroine Adventurer, these women arm themselves exclusively for melee combat, bearing Ebony Noble Swords and Black Iron Spears, unlike their counterparts who sometimes insist of using lances against foot soldiers.

This troop is upgraded from Maiden Adventurer for 200 d and upgrades no more.

They can be "upgraded" to Knight of the Falcon if you meet the special requirements. In 3.8.5 they will no longer have this "upgrade", the troop that will upgrade to the Knight of the Falcon is Maiden Adventurer.

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