This shield is obtainable only at the start of the game, if the player chose his character to become a bard. Even though it offers very little resistance, its very durable, having 480 hit points, and a huge 180 size.

When attempting to sneak into a walled fief owned by hostile forces, the player will be equipped with the lute, which is quite useful if needed to fend off the guards.
The lute also offers another benefit, which only occurs in the taverns. When being equipped (not valid having it on inventory), talking to the tavern keeper and selecting the option "Have you heard of anyone in this realm who might want a job for a man/woman like myself?" will lead to one of the 2 dialogues shown below. If the negative one shows, the player can just quit the tavern and reenter it to have a chance of getting the good one, offering the job. This will only work once and if the player hasn't done the job in that city recently, else, the tavern keeper will always decline.

The job will give the player some denars (around 100-250) as well as 1 party morale point in exchange of your time, this being 1 daily stage (example: from early morning to morning). Surprisingly you get no relation with the city.


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