This is one of the hireable mercenary companies. 10,000 denars have to be paid to hire the company. This army is led by Lothario and consists of:

This company is one of the weakest, being the only decent troop the Red Brotherhood Guildsman, with a weak captain too, having Lothario worse stats and equipment than both Red Brotherhood troops he holds on his company.

The biggest advantage this company has is that it will periodically spawn small Red Brotherhood patrols, and as this company to be hired needs positive relations with the Red Brotherhood, not only these patrols will help out in any fights your farmers and caravans, but they will chase other enemy patrols or enemy farmers, or bait bigger armies or patrols into chasing them, wasting their time. These patrols consist on deserters Lothario managed to attract from the mayor kingdoms, making these of:

They also spawn having 0-6 Fierdsvain Warriors as prisoners.

To hire this mercenary company, the player needs positive relations with the Red Brotherhood.

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