After battle you are able to pick through different items left to you by your conquered foes. Sometimes you will find powerful, rare, or valuable items, and other times nothing but a few stones and a rusty sickle

Here is an attempt to explore why and how to improve your lot:


The higher the amount a troop has of a same item in his inventory, the more likely it is to be looted. For example, the throwing axes in Vanskerry Marauder and Vanskerry Warrior; they both have the 3 packs of that item and therefore it could be looted multiple times, and was thus more prevalent in the looting screen. 

What loot you get is far more difficult than which items the opponents carry. It greatly depends on your relative strength, the composition of your and your enemies' parties, your relative level difference and your loot skill.

Party Composition:Edit

Loot sharesEdit

Think of a share as being a token for getting some loot.

Your companions do not draw equal shares out of the pot. The distribution is 10 shares for your greedy little PC(you), 3 shares for EACH companion you field, and 1 share for every other troop you have in your party.

Party sizeEdit

The slices of the pie are biggest for you if you run around with as few companions and as few troops as possible. Whereas running around with 20 companions and 40 units worth of troops will ensure you get much worse loot from battles.

After the total value loot deserved is calculated, random items from the troops that have been defeated will be looted, adding up until their total value reaches the deserved total, then you are given your share. If the item has a modifier, the value of that item will be affected, meaning that if you get a good masterwork item (+1050% price) will ruin the rest of the loot's value.

Looting SkillEdit

It affects the quality of loot, not the amount of it. The item modifiers are therefore more likely to be 'reinforced' rather than 'rusty' etc.

Looting system sorts through the shares of loot and puts the most valuable gear on top of the list, rather than having them in a random order. This means that if there are too many items for the enemies' inventory screen, the lesser items are what are lost and the valuable items will be shown at the top of the list.


So in order to maximise one's yield of loot these three things are recommended:

  • Have an organized and slim troop roster
  • Fight "juicy" equal targets
  • Have a decent looting skill

That makes hunting down warbands and small bandit parties profitable. It is possible to start the game with a character that has Looting 9 (for how, click here - choose 1f, 2d, 3b or 3d (be is better though, due to rumor value), 4d) --> with him one is able to loot more than enough armor and gear from the Snake Cult, Jatu, and Vanskerries to pay for expensive trade goods. And once the prices have settled, one can make money doing trade runs all over Pendor and killing off the bandits in the region one's visiting.

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