Unlike the other Noldor, Lethaldiran is unique. Excelling in dueling and the art of assassination, he has been exiled after mortally wounding one of Ithilrandir's favourite nephews in a duel. An expert in the use of poison, as a part of his assassination skill, he has a reputation for getting his work done. Despite all that, he is still a crack shot with the bow and arrow, and makes for an excellent assassin and bodyguard.

Lethaldiran misses his homeland and finds life among humans to be somewhat disagreeable citing their lack of hygiene and musical prowess in comparison to the Noldor, not to mention the fact that most humans are distrustful and hate them.

He is equipped with a Noldor Composite Bow and Noldor Arrows, as well as a Noldor Infantry Shield and a Noldor Longsword, as well as a Noldor Trimmed Ranger Garb, Noldor Enchanted Boots, black hourglass gaunlets and a Noldor Grey Warhorse.

Lethaldiran is the only companion whose equipment cannot be accessed until level 30 (most likely to prevent players from just taking his equipment for themselves), but the companion lacks a helmet ,so a good headshot will make him fall unconscious.

Note: When making him a vassal and talking to him, you can access his equipment and take it for yourself even when not reaching lvl 30.

He dislikes Riva and Ediz, but likes Julia. He is a noble, making him lord will result on him recruiting Pendor and Noldor troops.

He is one of the most powerful companions one could acquire during their early days upon the shores of Pendor. Considering his price, his skills and equipment are surely a deal to consider.

He will hire on with you for 6000 denars.

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