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Larian Outriders are noblemen from the city of Laria who regularly join these knights as squires. Instead of learning the art of extreme melee combat, outriders often learn skirmishing tactics from the experienced knights, a strategy that the Clarion Call has adopted from the D'Shar, which they deem as effective, especially against lethal foes like the Jatu. However, the Clarion Call does not forgo the traditional knightly weapons, the sword and the spear, which they themselves use and teach the Outriders.

In Prophesy of Pendor, Larian Outriders can be recruited from Adventurers.

The Outriders are lightly armored individuals, lacking the experience and strength to use a heavier armor. However, they are not to be underestimated, as they are extremely competent in horse archery and they have been trained in the use of sword and spear by the rangers from the Clarion Call.

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