There are 5 types of ladies in waiting, each one belonging to one of the Factions of Pendor. They are found as prisoners in the patrols of the minor faction harassing the lady's faction, meaning:

  • Snake Cult and Rogue Knights parties: Baccus Lady in Waiting
    • House Gnaeus Outlaw Knights x2
    • Renegade Centurions of the Iron Circle x2
    • Snake Patrol x1
    • Snake Warband x1
  • Heretic parties: Sarleon Lady in Waiting
    • Outlaw Order of the Owl Knights 
    • House of Morgan Renegades x2
    • Outlaw Merchant House of Felin
    • Red Brotherhood
  • Vanskerry and Heretic parties: Fierdsvain Lady in Waiting
    • Heretic Patrols x2
    • Vanskerry Patrols x2
  • D'Shar Bandits, Singalians, Inquisition and Rogue Knights: D'Shar Lady in Waiting
    • Singalian Patrol
    • Inquisition Patrol
    • Inquisition Warband
    • Outlaw Melitine Adventurers
    • Renegade Omen Seekers
    • Disgraced Zelshai
    • Renegade Tribesmen
  • Outlaws and Rogue Knights: Ravenstern Lady in Waiting
    • Outlaw Iceguard Ranger
    • Renegade Ravenstern Halfbreed Knights
    • Outlaw Snow Lion Knights

Note: When a faction is defeated, the patrols that were harassing the faction (the ones in the list) will no longer have Ladies in Waiting.

This special troop is rarely seen. It can not be killed, only wounded, since her purpose is not joining battles. They are a weak troop which only serves to trigger a number of options when talked to, these being:

  • You can accept my gratitude for freeing me- I am sure the [Kingdom which she belongs to] would be grateful.

-This option will give you 1 point of honor and +5 relations with a random lady of the kingdom she belongs to.

  • You can receive a ransom for me, but the [Kingdom which she belongs to] would view this in an unfavorable light.

-This option will make you lose 1 point of honor and -5 relations with a random lady of the kingdom she belongs to. You're given as a payback a small amount of gold (around 1000).

  • Spend 200 gold for equipment that will allow me to fight at your side.

-This option costs 200 gold, in return, you're given one of these: Maiden Adventurer, Maiden Cavalry or a Veccavia Companion.

Choosing any of the options will result in the lady leaving your party.