Lady Valkyrie 2
Lady Einherjar

The Lady Valkyries are a group of all-female Fierdsvain warriors not much unlike a Knighthood Order and considered as one in the game. They are trained as cavalry to complement the impressive Fierdsvain infantry force, a force which sorely lacks mounted fighters. As an all female order, they are often ridiculed by other orders and soldiers from other factions. Their opinion will change when their comrades get massacred by the Valkyries. Armed with a small but powerful golden metal shield, they can easily survive hails of missiles. The polar opposite, however, applies to their steeds. Their warhorses are not as strong as the ones of other Orders, like those of the Lion Knights. However, they are very effective in their role as mobile medium-armored skirmishers. Unfortunately, they lack the charging power of the Valdis Huscarl, and are not as heavily armored. On the other hand, they fulfill a role between shock troops and berserkers. They come equipped with the Dragonspine axe, Fierdsvain Leaf Sword or Fierdsvain Berserker Sword, complemented with a Golden Metal Round Shield. They also arm themselves with jarids and are rather proficient in throwing them. They are weaker than huscarls unless properly upgraded, but are much faster and provide the role of medium cavalry, shock troops and decently-armored berserkers. They can make great medium skirmishing cavalry.

Some scholars have tried to determine whether or not the Lady Valkyries have descended from the renegaded Order of the Falcon. Due to lack of evidence and misleading investigations, they could come to no such conclusion. Even if they did, others have argued that such a discovery would serve no purpose but to give another reason for the Kingdom of Ravenstern to further pursue their conflict with the Fierdsvain, seeing them as an imminent threat to King Gregory's sovereignty.

Game infoEdit

Joining the Lady Valkyries requires 10 honor. A chapter already exists in Javiksholm, and there's a 15% chance another may exist in Windholm. Oddly, men can join the Lady Valkyries.

You must have at least 10 honor and belong to the Fierdsvain culture or own Javiksholm to found a chapter of this Order.

Lady Valkyries are trained from Valkyries. The Valkyries hire women of valor, Maiden Cavalry, as Lady Einherjars to provide infantry support.

Lady Valkyrie

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