"If you run across the Ironsword Company, smile and pay what Kodan demands. You'll live longer that way."
Kodan 3.8.4
Kodan Ironsword runs a mercenary company quite reminiscent of the Fierdsvain, and as such, is infamous around those parts for the usual mercenary reasons: his intense love of money.

You may also discover that he is rather vulgar, but do not take his words lightly, as he possesses a runesword that can end any soldier in a single hit.

Kodan 3.8.4 equipment

He wades into battle with a deadly 2 handed ruby rune sword, with which he can cleave his enemies with ease. Additionally, he rides on an Ironbred Charger, making him even more deadly as his mount can take heavy amounts of punishment.

Kodan Ironsword can be captured. His mercenary company generally numbers 100-200 men, and consists of the following:

Kodan and his company Edit

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