"If you run across the Ironsword Company, smile and pay what Kodan demands. You'll live longer that way."

Kodan Ironsword 3.9
Kodan Ironsword runs a mercenary company quite reminiscent of the Fierdsvain, and as such, is infamous around those parts for the usual mercenary reasons: his intense love of money.
Kodan 3.8.4

3.8 Kodan Ironsword, had a different armor set

He is easily distinguishable in the battlefield as he is a mounted berserker, making him unique. He rides a Ironbred Charger. Equipped with a Heavy Lance with a solid shield, if dismounted or stuck and he is unable to move, he will change weapons to his deadly Ruby Rune Two-handed Sword. He may just not spawn in Pendor and act freely, he can also be hired as a Mercenary Company by Marius Imperator, King Gregory IV and King Ulric.
Kodan Ironsword Pict

Kodan ingame picture

He can be captured and freed for a Qualis Gem or 100,000 denars. Kodan Ironsword can be captured. His mercenary company generally numbers 100-200 men, and consists of the following:

Note: Since 3.9.0:

  • One of the options will no longer give the player 100,000 denars, but a large poach of Diamonds.
  • His armor set was changed from a knight green fashion to a mounted berserker.
  • His strength was raised from 39 to 57.
  • Fierdsvain Rogue Knight numbers were raised from 20-40 to 20-50
  • Rogue Fierdsvain Squire numbers were raised from 10-40 to 20-50
  • Fierdsvain Berserker numbers were raised from 10-24 to 20-20
  • Fierdsvain Heavy Axeman numbers were raised from 18-34 to 20-40
  • Vanskerry Warriors were changed for Vanskerry Raiders, new numbers 50-110