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Knighthood Orders are more than just groups of mere knights; they are military organizations that include some of the most versatile and powerful units in the game. In addition, most Orders have a chapter in one of the cities, though some Orders require the player to found a Chapter before being able to be join.

Each order has unique units with different strengths and weaknesses that provide a boon to any army.


To join a Knighthood Order, you must have at least 500 renown, have neutral or positive relations with that Order, and the following indicated amounts of honor. Once you meet these requirements, go to a city or castle where a chapter of the Order in question exists and speak to the knight there. You will then take part in an arena-style trial of arms against three of its knights, with your own equipment.

If you win, you will be accepted as a member of that Order and be bestowed the title of Retainer, the lowest rank in any Order. If you are a vassal or a mercenary captain with a banner you will start at the rank of Squire.

Knighthood Order Required Honor Location
Order of the Dragon 15 Honor Rane
Empire Immortals 10 Honor Janos
Order of the Ebony Gauntlet 10 Honor Senderfall, Avendor
Lady Valkyries 10 Honor Javiksholm, Windholm
Order of the Shadow Legion 10 Honor Cez
Order of the Clarion Call 10 Honor Laria
Order of the Falcon 15 Honor Falcondark Castle
Order of the Radiant Cross 15 Honor Ethos
Order of the Griffon 20 Honor Must be founded
D'Shar Windriders 10 Honor Torbah
Order of the Silvermist Rangers 10 Honor Senderfall
Order of Eventide 20 Honor Singal
Order of the Raven Spear 10 honor Poinsbruk
Order of the Lion 10 Honor Sarleon, Marleons
Order of the Dawn 25 Honor Valonbray, Windholm

In version 3.7 the Silvermist Rangers, Ebony Gauntlets, Radiant Cross and Falcons have a chance of having a chapter in the locations listed above. It is determined when you start a new game whether or not there will be chapters for these Orders. For example, in Senderfall you can have a chapter of Ebony Gauntlet in one save, a chapter of Silvermist Rangers in another, and no knighthood chapter at all in a third save.

Additionally, Marleons can have a second chapter of the Lions and Windholm can have a second chapter of either the Lady Valkyries or Knights of the Dawn.

While you are able to quit from your Order (only if you aren't already leading it), doing so will harm your relations with all the other major Orders (-5) and you will lose honor.

Ranks Edit

Completing Knighthood Order Quests for your Knighthood Order will earn you rank points, and when you reach the sufficient amount required to advance to the next rank, you may speak to your Order's Knight to be promoted.

Rank Requirements Rewards
Retainer 0 Rank Points
Sergeant 30 Rank Points Set of Sergeant's Armor
Squire 60 Rank Points
Knight 100 Rank Points Set of Knight's Armor and Mount
Knight Commander 150 Rank Points Set of Reinforced Knight's Armor and Spirited Mount
Constable 220 Rank Points Set of Lordly Knight's Armor and Champion Mount
Grandmaster 300 Rank Points

Completion of the quest The Order Grandmaster

Order Stronghold and Achievement (+1 Persuasion)

Your Own ChapterEdit

Knighthood Orders may be built in castles or towns and are independent of other construction projects. Building a chapter costs 20,000 denars and requires a certain amount of honor; you may also need a certain companion, the personal ownership of a certain city, or a Qualis Gem. You also must have wary (-10) or better relations with the Knighthood Order. You will gain 10 relationship points with the Order.

As of version 3.7, if your relation with the Knighthood Order drops too low, the next time you speak with your town steward they will leave your fief and automatically disband the chapter. You will also lose relationship points (-20) with both minor factions that are the enemies of the order when founding a chapter of a Knighthood Order.

Required Honor Other Conditions (version 3.705)
Order of the Dragon 15 Honor Ravenstern culture
Empire Immortals 10 Honor Empire culture
Order of the Lion 10 Honor Sarleon culture
Lady Valkyries 10 Honor Fierdsvain culture
D'Shar Windriders 10 Honor D'Shar culture
Order of the Clarion Call 10 Honor Sarleon culture or owning Laria
Order of the Falcon 15 Honor Madame Ursula or Sir Rayne in the party
Order of the Radiant Cross 15 Honor Owning Ethos
Order of the Griffon 10 Honor Sir Darlion of Pendor in the party or choosing Letter option during character creation
Order of the Shadow Legion 10 Honor A Qualis Gem
Order of the Silvermist Rangers 10 Honor A Qualis Gem
Order of Eventide -20 Honor or less Sir Alistair in the party
Order of the Raven Spear 10 honor Owning Poinsbruk
Order of the Ebony Gauntlet 10 Honor A Qualis Gem
Order of the Dawn 20 Honor Owning Valonbray

Getting Your Own Knights Edit

Once you have founded a chapter, you can now upgrade units into Knights and Sergeants of the order using Prestige, which is based on how much Renown you have earned over time (at a 1-to-1 conversion rate). The amount of Prestige required to upgrade lowers based on the amount of Honor you have, going to a minimum of 10 per knight and 4 per sergeant. Each order has different units required to turn into their specialized units.

Upgrades to Knight Upgrades to Sergeant
Order of the Dragon Ravenstern Knight Ravenstern Kierguard
Empire Immortals Empire Knight Empire Heavy Infantry
Order of the Lion Sarleon Knight Sarleon Man-At-Arms
Lady Valkyries Valkyrie Maiden Cavalry
D'Shar Windrider D'Shar Noble Cavalry D'Shar Dervish
Order of the Clarion Call Sarleon Knight Adventurer
Order of the Falcon Maiden Noble Maiden Cavalry
Order of the Radiant Cross Pendor Knight Mercenary Armored Crossbowman
Order of the Griffon Pendor Knight Pendor Mtd. Man-At-Arms
Order of the Shadow Legion Empire Knight Empire Armored Pikeman
Order of the Silvermist Rangers Pendor Black Archer Pendor Man-At-Arms
Order of Eventide Pendor Knight Singalian Horseman
Order of the Raven Spear Pendor Knight Sellsword Horseman
Order of the Ebony Gauntlet Pendor Foot Knight Pendor Man-At-Arms
Order of the Dawn Pendor Knight Fierdsvain Armored Axeman

Upgrading Quality of Knights Edit

When you speak to your steward, you can also improve the quality of your Knights. Each upgrade will increase both strength and the agility of the Order knights by 2 and all weapon proficiencies by 10.  The first upgrade costs 10000 denars and 30 prestige. Each subsequent upgrade increases by 2x for gold and 1.5x for prestige. Sergeants will be unaffected.

Other lords who also use the knights will also gain the benefit of them being upgraded.

Custom Knighthood OrderEdit

Faction-founded order

Vassal-created knighthood order

As of PoP 3.6, the player has the ability to create a chapter of his or her very own custom Order. The requirements are a Qualis Gem, 20,000 denars, 30 honor and a walled fief (town or castle). Rarely, vassals from any kingdom may also create their own Knighthood Orders. 

Once you have selected the option to found the Order, you are given the opportunity to name the order, its knights and sergeants. Your new Order troops will start off with mediocre stats and negligible armor that are often worse than the units you recruit them from. 

Units required to upgrade into your Knights and Sergeants depends on your faction's culture. As a king, if you change your culture, the units will change to whichever culture you have chosen.

  • Pendor: Pendor Knights and Pendor Man-At-Arms
  • Sarleon: Sarleon Knights and Sarleon Man-At-Arms
  • Ravenstern: Ravenstern Knights and Ravenstern Kierguards
  • Fierdsvain: Valkyries and Fierdsvain Armored Axemen
  • D'Shar: D'Shar Noble Cavalry and D'Shar Warrior
  • Empire: Empire Knights and Empire Armored Pikeman

Version 3.7 adds the option of changing the gender of your knighthood order. It does not affect the requirements for upgrading. You are also able to upgrade the quality of the knights through your steward like the established Knighthood Orders.

Training Edit

One companion can be assigned on a mission to train them to boost their skills for one to four weeks, during which time the companion leaves your party. Each day, your Knights and Sergeants get a chance to raise their skills to your Companion's value. Since upgrading your troops is a long process, it is recommend that you use companions with high training skill so as to reduce the time it takes. Your Order troops will only be trained up to the attributes, skills, and weapon proficiency that your assigned Companion possesses.

Equipment Edit

Better weapons, armor and steeds can be purchased for the Order, but at an extremely hefty cost often ranging in the hundreds of thousands. When replacing equipment though, a third of the old equipment's value is discounted from the new equipment's cost. Your steward's trade skill affects the final price you will pay for the equipment.

Additionally, a substantial amount of time is required before all of the members of the Order are outfitted with such equipment, usually in months. Note that the strength requirements of equipment applies to your order troops, items that your Order troops are unable to equip due to strength requirements do not appear in the equipment selection screen until they meet the requirements.  Furthermore, items such as Noldor equipment are Custom Knighthood Order Unlockable Equipment that have special requirements that must be satisfied to unlock them.

Tweaks Edit

Note: These tweaks/cheats are savegame compatible.

Training Edit

  1. Go to your Mount&Blade directory (where you installed your Mount&Blade)
  2. Open the simple_triggers.txt file in the "Mount&Blade Warband\Modules\Prophesy of Pendor 3.XXX" folder where "XXX" is the version.
  3. Crtl+F to use find function and search for "24.000000  164 6 3 1224979098644774912" without the quotation marks.
  4. The "24.000000"  indicated in bold (does not appear bold in the file) affects the chance your Knights and Sergeants will gain stats, skills and proficiency per day.
  5. Save after editing.

Equipment Edit

  1. Go to your Mount&Blade directory (where you installed your Mount&Blade)
  2. Open the scripts.txt file in the "Mount&Blade Warband\Modules\Prophesy of Pendor 3.XXX" folder where "XXX" is the version.
  3. Crtl+F to use find function and search for "100 2108 2 1224979098644774920 " without the quotation marks, if you cannot find this look for "get_item_upgrade_cost_and_time -1" and scroll right to find the 100
  4. The "100"  indicated in bold (does not appear bold in the file) affects how long it takes for your Order Knights and Sergeants to get new equipment.
  5. Save after editing.

List of OrdersEdit

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