Knight of the Unicorn

Heavy cavalry only to be found in Sir Timothy's Knights company.

They are easily recognized by their dark blue and black horses and their hero adventurer look. They wield the unique weapon Polehammer, a 50 blunt damage on swing and 35 blunt damage on thrust, which makes them ideal for taking prisoners. If not, they wear a Fierdsvain Longsword or a Lance.

This unit cant be recruited (not even by Sir Timothy, as he will spawn with 40-80 of them but will not refill those numbers if they fall in combat), nor obtainable from prisoner packs as their level 45 prevents such.

Their shields and horses hold a special banner, a black unicorn with a long mane on a white field.

This troop cant be recruited, nor obtained from prisoners sacks, as their level 45 avoids this from happening.

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