King Ulric-2

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King Ulric Stats
The monarch of The Kingdom of Sarleon, starts every game owning Sarleon. He fields a 200-350 size Sarleon army, some of these troops are their most loyal Knights of the Lion and Squires of the Lion.
King Ulric Equipment
After capturing King Ulric, when talking to him, if his kingdom is fading, you have the option to take his Sarleon Banner in exchange of his freedom, but this will reduce the relations with the king by 40 and with the kingdom of Sarleon by 5. He can also drop the Banner when fighting and defeating him, but this rarely happens.

He is equipped with the Banner of Sarleon, which he uses over his Sarleon Armored Warhorse. When demounted, he switches to a Runic Bastard Sword. He always wears one shield, which can be Knightly Kite Shield or Order of the Lion Kite Shield, both very resistant.

King Ulric Banner
King Ulric Armour

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