King Gregory

Remember starting controversy is generated randomly.

King Gregory Stats
King Gregory IV is the ruler of the Kingdom of Ravenstern. He fields an army of 200-350 men. He also fields Dragon Drakes and Knights of the Dragon. He will field even more if his starting city, Ravenstern, starts with a chapter of the order (30% chance). His Claimant is Madame Ursula.
King Gregory2

He wears heavy equipment, as well as a Ravenstern Armored Warhorse.

He wields the unique sword Dragon's Tooth. If you are fighting a war against him, putting his kingdom at its heels (6 or less castles + cities) and have him as a prisoner, he will be willing to give you his sword in exchange for his freedom, but this will reduce your relations with the king by 40 and with the Kingdom of Ravenstern by 5 (note: player has to be monarch for this to happen). Rarely, he will use his other blade, a Runed Two Handed Sword.

He rides the Ravenstern Armored Warhorse, which the player can only obtain it capturing his home city (Ravenstern) and checking the City Chest.

King Gregory HeraldicMail
King Gregory DragonTooth

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