Nicknamed "the castrator" because she was attacked by Vanskerry Raiders and badly mistreated. She waited until they got drunk, tied them up and gelded all of them, leaving them tied up to bleed to death.

Her Manopener was custom made to her specs. She also starts having throwing axes, a medium tier armour (Mail Hauberk), leather gloves and leather graves.

She likes Sir Roland because she feels safe with a fellow sworn to chastity, and because he treats her politely. She dislikes Kassim for being a sexist pig and thinks Sir Rayne is an ass. Because she is an uneducated peasant girl from a Fierdsvain fishing village, her language is a trifle incorrect, but she gets right to the point, despite that.

She starts with potential to be a strong foot soldier able to fight at a good distance with throwing weapons and polearms. 

She will hire on with you for 2000 denars.

She is a commoner, making her lord will result on her recruiting Fierdsvain troops.

Kaverra's Manopener

Throwing Axes