Kadan Bahadur

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Kadan Bahadur Stats

The monarch of The D'Shar Principalities, starts every game owning Torbah. He fields a 200-350 size D'Shar army, almost half of his troops are D'Shar Windriders and D'Shar Dustriders.

Kadan Bahadur Equip

After capturing Kadan Bahadur Khan, when talking to him, if his kingdom is fading, you have the option to take his Unique Weapon (Heritage Daja Bow) in exchange of his freedom, but this will reduce the relations with the king by 40 and with his kingdom by 5.

He is equipped with the Heritage Daja Bow with Ghazi Arrows, which he uses over a Desert War Horse. When forced to fight melee, he switches to a Foreign 2 Handed Saber. He always wears a Elite Cavalry Shield.

He wears a D'Shar Noble Scale and a Southern King Helm, both items are very resistant, being his weaker area the legs.

D'Shar Noble Scale-0
Southern King Helm

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