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One of the more militant Jatu Warlords, K'Juda the Ravager's charisma and leadership skills have forged a loyal following of Jatu raiders into a band of hardened warriors who pride themselves on their fearless battle prowess. His warriors wear reddish colored hardened lamellar armor and use spears as well as horn bows. Their raids and daring are legendary and even the Noldor pause when they see K'Juda's standard in the distance. K'Juda has a special hatred for Ravenstern, as he seeks revenge for the death of his only son at their hands. He has a terrible temper and is known to kill his own men when he has a tantrum. He usually mounts Noldor heads on poles outside his tent as decorations. His Honor Guard, the “Kajahars” are very fine fighters, as is K’Juda.

K'Juda the Ravager can be captured. His army generally numbers 350-450 men, and consists of the following:

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