Javiksholm and surrounding lands

Javiksholm and surrounding lands.

The city of Javiksholm is the capital city of the Fierdsvain. It is originally the seat of power of Koningur Valdis. It is situated in a roughly central position in the land of Pendor, to the far west on Pendor's coast, with a vast ocean to the west, a small bay to the south, mountain ranges to the east and north and the Kingdom of Sarleon to the south-east. The area around the city is covered in dense forests and woodland.

View of Javiksholm Castle

View of Javiksholm Castle.


The main exports of Javiksholm (as the townsfolk will tell you) are Bread, Smoked Fish, Ale, Wine, Leatherworks, Tools, Wool Cloth, Linen, Pottery and Oil. Flax is also usually quite cheap here and in high demand in nearby Avendor, and can provide a good source of income if you're so inclined to play the merchant game.

Surrounding LandsEdit

The city itself comes with no added fiefs, though the land surrounding the city is heavily populated with several villages situated nearby: Jayek and Tyra to the north-west, Ruvar far to the north, Bhulaban to the north-east, Kulum just to the south-east, Kaveraid to the south-east and Elkburg to the south-west, just across the bay.

The city is afforded some protection by the ocean on its southern and western flank, and also recieves some protection from the two nearby castles: Ironoak Castle to the north-east and Ansen Lodge to the south-east. the land to the north-east and south-east is fairly open between Javiksholm and the Kingdom of Sarleon beyond.


The Guildmaster of Javiksholm is Harl Forkbeard. He
Harl Forkbeard

Harl Forkbeard on his porch.

can be found a short distance up the main street from the city gates on the left hand side, standing on the porch of the building to the right hand side of the horse merchant.

People of InterestEdit

  • Lord Seneschal Lars Branigar - Castle Seneschal. He can be found
    Lord Seneschal Lars Branigar

    Lord Seneschal Lars Branigar inside the castle.

    inside the castle, which can be located by heading straight up the main street from the city gates and turning right down the street just passed the tavern. Head through the gates straight ahead to reach the castle courtyard. Lord Seneschal Lars Branigar can be found on the second floor of the castle, on the balcony.
  • Alfred - Tavern Keeper. His tavern is the second building on the right as you enter the city gates.

    Anrid inside his shop.

  • Hydrina - Horse Merchant. Found just down the main street from the city gates, just passed Zara the arms merchant to the left hand side, in the gap between the buildings.
  • Zara - Arms Merchant. Her stall is immediately visible when you enter the city gates, just on the left hand side against the first building on the left.
  • Anston - Armour Merchant. Found straight up at the end of the main street from the city gates, against the last building on the left hand


  • Anrid - Goods Merchant. His shop is the first building on the right hand side as you enter the city gates.
  • Sirgimond - Arena Master. Found on the platform overlooking the arena. The entrance is located by heading up the main street from the city gates and turning left down the street just passed the Guildmaster. Head through the archway and then turn left down the street marked with practice dummies and targets. The door to the arena is just to the right at the end of the street.

    Hydrina next to her stables.




Sirgimond overlooking the arena.



Knighthood OrdersEdit

Javiksholm is home to the Lady Valkyries, an all female
K Lady Valkyrie

A Lady Valkyrie.

order of mounted warriors formed to provide elite cavalry to compliment the already lethal infantry of the Fierdsvain armies, and also to give Fierdsvain women a chance to defend their homelands without the fear of persecution or ridicule.


Javiksholm Arena

Javiksholm Arena.

In essence, the tournaments of Javiksholm are very much true to the traditions of the Fierdsvain. They're fast, brutal, and all about melee combat. Every combatant will be equipped with any of the following armaments: Axes, Shields, One Handed Swords and Two Handed Swords. Remaining faithful to the Fierdsvain way of fighting every combatant will be on foot, and thus there is only one real tactic that can be used effectively in this tournament: close fast and hit hard, and always remember to keep your guard up when in the melee. It may be worth noting that Javiksholm plays home to the Lady Valkyries and thus tournaments may be a degree more difficult if these skilled warriors choose to compete. These tournaments will not last long due to their nature, and as long as skillful blows are landed and strong parrys and blocks are maintained then this tournaments may be found to be a rather quick and easy boost to renown, honour and coffers.


The wooden walls of Javiksholm are far from an
Javiksholm Siege - Attacker

View of the walls from attackers starting position.

impressive sight. Sturdy, but far smaller and less imposing than their larger stone cousins, and far harder to defend, providing little real advantage to the defenders with the exception of higher ground. A large and determined enough attacking force could potentially overrun the walls fairly quickly, though the exceptionally large garrison left in place by Koningur Valdis will make this a difficult and daunting task. The attackers begin on wide open ground beneath the wall, within a wall of embedded wooden stakes, with no real cover, with the exception of the burning
Javiksholm Siege - Attacker 2

The burning siege tower can provide effective cover from ranged attacks.

siege tower to the left hand side that can provide good cover for the cunning archer. It is advised however that you make for the walls as soon as possible however to avoid unecessary casualties. The attackers from here must then make their way up a single, albeit short and reasonably wide, ladder to reach the breach at the top. The breach itself is reasonably wide and thus many troops will be able to engage the defenders at one time. If the attackers manage to gain a foothold at the top of the wall then there is only the question of troop numbers between them and taking the wall.
Javiksholm Siege - Defender

View of the ladder, breach and wall of stakes beyond

Defenders will have a hard time holding the wall in this siege, and must expect fairly heavy casualties from the beginning of the battle. Two towers on either side of the breach provide a good view of the attackers below and thus will provide much needed assistance to the defending ranged troops.

Overall a fairly straight forward battle that has the potential to go either way, however if the attackers field more numerous and veteran troops than the defender then the walls have a high chance of falling into the attackers hands. Large numbers of ranged units will be
Javiksholm Siege - Defender 2

View of attacker's starting position from the left hand tower.

necessary here if the defenders wish to hold the wall against their assailants.

A point of interest...

Javiksholm       shares the exact same wall defence scene as Windholm, with perhaps a few slight differences. The tactical analysis found here on besieging Javiksholm will also apply to Windholm.

Javiksholm Siege - Javiksholm Burns

Javiksholm burns at the hands of its assailants.

Javiksholm Siege - Defender 3

View along the walls from the left hand side.