Jatu Raider

The Jatu, known in Pendor for their vicious raids into the areas between Valorshield Castle, Talon Castle and Falcondark Castle, are vicious nomads and cavalrymen with few peers. Raiders are no exception, despite being the "rank-and-file" warriors of the various tribes on the steppe between these two cities. They are fast moving horsemen, typically wearing only their simple nomad garb or maybe steppe armor, and those who've brought their honor lances are extremely deadly. Most of them ride the maneuverable and fast Jatu hunter or dark steppe horse, and  are known for peppering enemy infantry and horsemen alike with their bows, much to the irritation of many a commander sent to eliminate their raiding parties.

Usually raiders will be by far the most numerous warriors in any given Jatu force, large or small, often acting as a screen during their initial charge and providing covering fire for their more heavily armored tribesmen, the Jatu Lancers, Battleriders, and Warlords afterward. While unfit to take on heavy infantry formations and cavalry head on in any meaningful capacity, they can circle around isolated enemy units and fire on them with relative immunity or failing that (such as when they run out of ammo) swiftly execute them with their scimitars, sabers, and lances if they have them. Disorganized pikemen and halberdiers have great difficulty stopping them, and most other infantry unless fighting in formation generally lack the reach to deal with them.

In any given fight against the Jatu, the sheer number of raiders may often be daunting, but Jatu Raiders are far from unbreakable. Many factions and some orders have soldiers capable of stopping their charges in some manner, and good archers can often render their mobility a moot point by shooting their horses out from under them (something far more viable against them than other Jatu soldiers). They are also laughably weak compared to the other Jatu troops due in part to their pitiful protection without their horses.

Like Jatu Lancers and the less common tavern-based Mercenary Rider, Raiders can be recruited into the any party, generally through rescued prisoners or possibly via mercenary contract heartbeat quests though they may be a bit pricey for their ability.

They are special in that they are not pure cavalry like the unit they come from nor the one they upgrade to, they are as well equipped with a Nomad Bow and Jatu Arrows. The bow is so weak that their shots can be more annoying than harmful.

Upgraded from Jatu Outcast Rider for 80 d and upgrades to Jatu Lancer for 160 d.