"We hunt for Noldor, and their god-cursed dwelling in the woods." – Jatu Warlord

Introduction Edit

Pic steppe bandits
The Jatu are a fierce warrior people that inhabit the eastern steppes of Pendor. They are one of the most dangerous forces in Pendor, being entirely mounted with good weapons and armor - as well as horses that are both heavier and faster than most nations equivalents. Beware them if you cross the eastern steppes with a large force, because they move quite fast and decimate lesser units easily.

They all use couch-able lances that are feared in the whole Pendor, being able to knock down many troops if the hit isn't blocked or dodged.


Troop Tree
Tier Name
1st Jatu Outcast Rider
2nd Jatu Raider
3rd Jatu Lancer
4th Jatu Battle Rider

Jatu Outcast Riders, Jatu Raider and Jatu Lancer are common in all Jatu groups and can be recruited from rescued prisoner stacks. Although they are not similarly recruitable, 20 Jatu Outcast Rider or 16 Jatu Lancer can be obtained through Gambling Qualis Gems, whilst its Jatu Raider the troop that can be found in taverns. You may also see Jatu Warlords, but they are not obtainable due to being an elite unit. The only way in which you can obtain the Jatu Warlords is through Heartbeat Problem 14.


Jatu Armies typically spawn with 550-600 men, and consist of the following:

They have another army called Jatu Mercenaries that can spawn free or hired by Kadan Bahadur Khan, Koningur Valdis or Marius Imperator, it holds:

Their warbands are made of:

Finally, their patrols have:

The Jatu also have two unique spawns: Warlord Zulkar and K'Juda the Ravager.

Their Mercenary Company is Chosen of Indar, which can be hired by the player, Kadan Bahadur Khan, Koningur Valdis and Marius Imperator. The player needs to have positive relations with Jatu to be able to hire them.


In battle, they are a force to be reckoned with, and a force you will definitely wish that you have on your side. Unlike most other factions, the Jatu do not necessarily need discipline to win a battle. Their heavy Jatu Battle Riders are fearsome, swift and deadly. Even when dismounted, they still fight ferociously. Their medium cavalry, the Jatu Lancers, mix their equipment with both the saber and their signature Jatu Honor Lances. Even if the Jatu lancers are going against heavier cavalry and infantry, they combine both speed and power to decimate their foes. Their light cavalry, the Jatu Raiders, are poorly armored but their steeds are one of the fastest, allowing them to outrun enemies, while firing hails of arrows at their enemies safely from a distance.

When facing the Jatu in battle, their Lancers and Battle Riders will usually hit your army before you are properly organized. While your infantry are fighting for their lives, their Raiders will circle around your distracted infantry, archers or even your cavalry, picking them off from a safe distance. Don't underestimate their accuracy. Their mounted archery skill can be compared to even the Noldor, and if you choose not to engage them in hand-to-hand combat, you are bound to lose plenty of soldiers from ranged fire. The most sensible way to counter the Jatu would be to form a very thick infantry shield wall, coupled with spears and pikes but even so, be prepared for their Battle Riders and Lancers to still plow through a few ranks of infantry with ease.

If you wish to face the Jatu properly organized, try to distract the incoming Jatu with fodders or cavalry. However, even if you were to send in your heavy knights, expect to still take casualties. If you are lucky, and the battle is held near a river, place your infantry in the river to slow their cavalry and use that advantage to slaughter them.