Lord Ithilrandir of the Noldor is the more fair and just of the Noldor warlords, although he will still be more than happy to trounce you soundly if you challenge him. His sense of tolerance is not quite as even towards the Jatu, however. Ithilrandir is said to help harried Empire citizens, although he's far more likely to try to destroy them in your game. Ithilrandir wields the unique Havathang bastard sword, that cannot be found elsewhere in Pendor. Ithilrandir's strength is not just in his troops, as he himself is tougher than a demonic magnus.

Note: His unique weapon is Havathang, one of the best swords in the game, having a 50c swing damage and 40p thrust damage, but requiring strength level of 21. Sadly, this Noldor lord uses the Noldor Composite bow, which is the same bow a Noldor Hunter has. This sword is extremely rare to be found upon the loot when defeating him, but it can occur.


Ithilrandir wearing his unique weapon, the Havathang

He is supposed to be wearing a Noldor enchanted shield with his Havathang, that can be used as a 1 handed sword or 2 handed, but sometimes, he trades the shield for an extra pack of Noldor Arrows, making him able to shoot for longer and using the blade in the 2 handed way.

The armour makes him be around 60-70 in head, body and leg armour, also being equipped with a noldor horse, often being the Noldor Spirit horse.


Ithilrandir can be captured and it is required to ensure getting his Havathang. To get it just tell him to return to his homeland and never return. Even tho this is senseless, as his land is Pendor, he won't return. This will reward you with his unique weapon (always with no weapon modifier), as well as 5 renown, honor and +10 relation points with the Noldor (yes, surprisingly it gives positive relations with the Noldor)..

His army generally numbers 250-450 Noldors, and consists of the following:

Noldor Spirit Horse

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