Iron greaves a
General information
Name: Iron Greaves
Type: Footwear
PoP version: v3.7063
Faction/Order: No Faction
(It can be in the inventory)
Barclay Heavy Footman (x2), Barclay Sapper (x2), Ravenstern Kierguard, Valkyrie, Empire Gladiator, Pendor Swordsman, Pendor Spearman, Pendor Heavy Spearman, Maiden Ranger, Maiden Cavalry, Maiden Adventurer, Hero Adventurer, D'Shar Rogue Noble Knight, Fierdsvain Rogue Noble Knight, Ravenstern Rogue Noble Knight, Sarleon Rogue Noble Knight, Baccus Rogue Noble Knight, Outlaw Knight of the Boar, Outlaw Knight of the Owl, Lady Valkyrie, Heretic Worshiper (x2), Heretic Invoker (x2), Heretic High Priest (x2), Talon of the Falcon, Knight of the Unicorn (x2), Sir Jocelyn, King Ulric, Koningur Valdis, Marius Imperator, Duke Alamar, Duke Brennus, Baron Cadeyrn, Baron Ealdred, Baron Godric, Baron Hereward, Baron Leofric, Baron Leofwine, Baron Gaidon, Lord Fouchier, Lord Fossard, Duke Aldemar, Count Carolus, Lord Gustov, Earl Sigimund Stonehand, Jarl Bjorn Farstrider, Jarl Talvor the Fey, Lord Ingvarr the Lame, Sir Darlion of Pendor, Sir Timothy
Modding information
Item ID: itm_iron_greaves
Mesh name: iron_greaves_a
Material: iron_greaves_a
Weight: 3.50
Leg armor: 33
Abundance: 100
Trading details
Base price: 1744 denars
Merchandise: Yes
Strength: 9
Modifier information
Available: rusty, battered, crude, old, thick, reinforced, superb, lordly

Modifier stats Edit

Rusty 30 9 959d
Battered 31 9 1308d
Crude 32 9 1448d
Old 33 9 1500d
Thick 35 9 4534d
Reinforced 37 9 11336d
Superb 33 9 4360d
Lordly 39 9 20056d