Iceguard Ranger (profile)

They who guard the Walls of Lore Edit

These azure-clad guardians are unlike any common archer found in Ravenstern armies. The Iceguard Rangers are at a level above the Ravenstern Rangers. These archers are among the elite bowmen in Pendor armed with the Hawkstorm Bow and Barbed Arrows, granting them an unmatched edge among common archers and guaranteeing a 'Forest of Arrows' when they are present. They also have a guaranteed shield, that will always use thanks to them wearing a 1-handed military cleaver when going melee, making them way more resistant than the Ravenstern Ranger.

These men follow the banner of Duke Aldemar of Poinsbruk, magnifying the skirmishing capabilities of an army already saturated with wardens and rangers.

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