Veterans of many a mugging, ambush, street brawl, and occasional caravan raid, Outlaws have used their ill-gotten gains to purchase better weapons and armor for themselves, with some even managing to buy a horse to carry either themselves in battle and travel or their booty and supplies.

The closest thing to a top-tier soldier the outlaw troop tree can field that the player can train themselves, the outlaw is much better armed and equipped than his lesser brothers-in-banditry, bringing fighting picks, better clubs and maces, mail shirts or similar armor, and a crossbow to a fight. They are considered by default as troop class Archers, but they are usually mounted in a Saddle or Sumpter horse and they can stand a fight melee way better than most real archers would.

In battle they aren't much compared to mid-level state troops, but they can be a major annoyance as they try to imitate a horse archer and pose a serious threat to weaker, poorly armored soldiers such as pendor light bowmen and recruits, and some higher end soldiers who lack shields. They may also down careless or poorly equipped players who aren't careful.

This troop is upgraded from Bandit for 10 d and upgrades no more.

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