Hidden Mines of AlAziz-0

The Hidden Mines of Al-Aziz is a secret location in Pendor.

Unlocking Edit

The only way to be able to discover Hidden Mines is by talking to the traveling peddler Brother Randalf and getting the map in exchange for one Qualis Gem.

Once you trade for the map, the mines will be always shown in the map.

Location Edit

Once you purchase the map, the mines will randomly spawn either deep in the the desert belonging to the Jatu, deep south from Torbah, even below Shandur, or just below the village of Ruldi in the Empire lands.

Rune Weapons Edit

Main article: Rune Weapons

There are two NPC's in the Mines, they are:

Hamidaron (also known as runic blacksmith): he will trade offer the player one of the 5 runic weapons in exchange for a Qualis Gem.

Aziz Hermit (also known as drunk man): he will trade offer the player to upgrade a rune weapon to the Emerald, Ruby or Sapphire version in exchange for a Qualis Gem and Wine. The player first has to give him the wine and the dialogue will shut down. The next time the player talks to him, if the player has the Gem and the Rune Weapon, he will ask the player which upgrade he wants.

These weapons have the highest damage in the game, but come at a great cost.

Note: in versions 3.8.0 to 3.8.4 (both included), the mines are bugged, and the player is unable to upgrade his Rune Weapons to Ruby/Emerald/Sapphire version. Here is a guide on how to fix it (save-compatible)