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Mines of Al Aziz

Mines of Al Aziz

The Hidden Mines of Al-Aziz is a secret loaction in Pendor.

Unlocking Edit

The only way to be able to discover Hidden Mines is by talking to the traveling peddler Brother Randalf and getting the map in exchange for one Qualis Gem.

Once you trade for the map, the mines will be shown on the overworld.

Location Edit

Once you purchase the map, the mines will randomly spawn either in the the lands belonging to the Jatu spawns, which is a borderland between Poinsbruk and Laria, or south of Torbah in the desert.

Rune Weapons Edit

Main article: Rune Weapons

In the Hidden Mines, you will be able to trade Qualis Gems for Strange Rune weapons from Hamidaron. You can unlock upgrades for the Rune weapons by giving the Al-Aziz Hermit some wine, then talking to him again without wine in your inventory to access the upgrade menu. Each upgrade requires one strange rune weapon and one Qualis Gem.

These weapons have the highest damage in the game, but come at a great cost.

Notes Edit

You might get stuck inside the location, this means your Tab button won't allow you to leave the place, to leave walk to the edge of the map and use F to leave. As the zone is big, the quickest way to quit it is to run between Hamidaron and the barrel on his right. This way, the player will reach the zone limits within a couple of steps.

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