Hero Adventurer

One of the most powerful mercenaries you can hire, they are adventurers who have roamed the land of Pendor and possibly many others. They now sell their sword for a fee to any commander, as long as they can afford to pay them. They are equipped with a variety of equipments but they are usually some of the most powerful that are easily accessible. They all come equipped with a shield, bow and arrows and a charger or warhorse as their steeds. They may also spawn with lances, swords or morningstars. This makes them exceptionally useful in field battles, as their wide array of weapons can help them in the stickiest of situations. However, they show their limitations in sieges, not because of their inability, but their stubbornness, as some still insist on fighting with their lances.

When engaging in combat, they can excel in both range and melee combat. While they may not be raking up as many kills as a Ravenstern Mounted Ranger from range, they still do a pretty decent job. In close quarter, they show their true prowess. Use them as heavy ranged cavalry.

Some Hero Adventurers are powerful leaders, and can be seen leading a Jatu, Vanskerry or Mystmountain army. They may also spawn in tournaments, which can make them much more difficult to win - especially if you're fighting on foot. 

This troop is upgraded from Adventurer for 200 d and upgrades no more.