"The Heretics were originally saintly priests, until they were lured into worship of the Dark Goddess. They are spreading all over Pendor now, and are a certain danger to all travelers." - Barclay historian

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The Heretics are a group of evil cultists who worship Erida Occisor, and tend to dwell on the border between Sarleon and the Fierdsvain, from Avendor all the way down to the D'Shar border.

The worshippers prowl along trading routes, attacking caravans, defenseless farmers and even weak warbands for sacrifices. Their methods are vicious, even more so than the Red Brotherhood.


If one wishes to add an element of darkness or evil to their party, Heretic Minions, their upgrade Heretic Worshipers, and Heretic Magni may all be recruited. These troops, along with Heretic Invokers, are common in small Heretic parties. Heretic patrols are not particularly difficult for a well-trained army, but their mounted units can be dangerous.


By far more dangerous are the Heretics' armies. Demonic Magni are one of the most enduring and heavily-armored troops in all of Pendor. The best way to deal with them is either to hit them very hard with couched lance strikes, or failing that, order your troops to attack without you and hope that they defeat them. Thankfully, once they are dealt with, the rest of the army is not particularly difficult.

A standard Heretic army usually has about 700-800 men.

The Heretics also have two even more dangerous unique spawns: the Three Seers and Eyegrim the Devourer.

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