Heretic Invoker

Heretic Invokers are only comprised of the most devoted followers. They are granted the ability to summon demons if enough sacrifices are made. They have been granted with strength and speed by their unholy gods, and have high personal endurance. Wielding morningstars, spiked maces and hammers, they ride on hunters and warhorses, leading small bands of heretic forces in search of people for sacrifices. While they are fast and unrelenting in their attacks, most of the invokers who don heretic robes are extremely vulnerable to ranged fire, although their shields can make up for the lack of personal protection.

However, a rare few also don the demonskin, granted from the unholy pits of their gods. Those who wear the demonskins are well-protected by the armor gifted from their masters, and should be feared. However, they are not particularly dangerous if you outnumber them, although they can still easily kill recruits and militias.

Heretic invoker demonskin

Heretic Invoker with the demonskin armor.

They are the strongest unit that can be made prisoner from the Heretics but can't be recruited from prisoners stacks, they are worth 704 denars each when sold. They don't upgrade from other troop nor can be upgraded.