Heartbeat Quests are unique to Prophesy of Pendor. They are given out by the village elders or the stewards of your fief. There are many different varieties, and even if you receive the same quest more than once, the same answer will not always be the correct one, nor the outcome. Similarly, the most expensive option is not always the best one.

There are 18 heartbeat quests, and here are they listed:

  1. (M'lord/M'lady), there is a mercenary company here requesting to speak with you - Mercenaries arrive at your castle or city and will ask for 10,000 denars. If you give an extra 2000 you may receive extra troops. These mercenaries include Mercenaries, Barclay, Mettenheim, Veccavia, Jatu and Singalians.
  2. Our wells are befouled and may have been poisoned! - cleaning it or treating your people will boost relation if successful. Finding the culprit will reduce your relation with the lord who sent him
  3. The Snake Cult is spying on us! - capture the spy, save the children.
  4. We've captured a Heretic! - hand them over to Knights of the Dawn (boost relation with them but reduces relation with Knights of Eventide), check if they are truly a heretic (boost relation with Knights of Eventide, but reduces relation with Knights of the Dawn).
  5. We need to review some petitions for new trade routes. - merchants arrive, let them trade but not undercut your merchants for a prosperity boost to your town.
  6. We have had a fire (M'lord/M'lady)! - You can pay for it to be fixed or get the steward to solve the matter at hand on his own.
  7. It is about the shrine, (M'lord/M'lady) - The Order of the Dawn demands a shrine to be erected for their god, demanding that the other shrines be torn down. The outcome varies.
  8. (M'lord/M'lady), we have a refugee problem. - Refugees have come to your fief. You may choose to send them away, incorporate them into your fief or give them food and send them away.
  9. Rats, (M'lord:M'lady)! We have a terrible infestation of rats.
  10. We have had unusually heavy rains and some flooding (M'lord/M'lady).
  11. We need to hire the local Witch, (M'lord/M'lady)!
  12. Two of the village clans are fighting again - they've sworn blood feud against one another.
  13. We have a situation with horse thieves here, (M'lord/M'lady)!
  14. Wolves! We are besieged by an enormous pack of ravening wolves!
  15. We are stricken with disease.
  16. There are thieves among us! They're robbing everybody!
  17. It concerns the castle (M'lord/M'lady)! Repairs are urgently needed.
  18. Deserters, dangerous ones, (M'lord/M'lady)! - Pendor have its own way to deal with scum like this (Boost town relation, lose a tiny amount of moral troop)