Guardian Empire Knight

Only prestigious and powerful Empire lords have the ability and funds to field these horsemen. The can be considered an improved version of the Empire Knights, with more damage and being more resistant, and the same applies to his mount, but still being weaker than other similar cavalry like both Centurions (order knight and special troop). These heavy cavalrymen also ride heavier chargers into battle, still wielding sword and spear with great effect. However, their ability to throw a Broad Head Throwing Spear right between the eyes of their enemies are feared, and for good reason.

Their heavy armor could be either Imperial Triatus Armor or Guardian Empire Plate and their steed a Imperial Silver Stallion. They will always have a Empire Broadsword as well as a Black Iron Spear and their Horseman Kite Shield.

When facing them, which isn't very common, know that they are not as frail as the Empire Knights. They have heavy armor and horses, meaning they can take more punishment. However, as far cavalry goes, they can still be taken down by a few volleys or a wall of pikes. However, send in your cavalry against them and expect many of your horsemen to fall under the hail of javelins these knights can throw at your cavalry.

They are the household troops of Titus Legatus, Sidonious Legatus and Marius Imperator. They are one of the special troops of the empire, the other being the Iron Circle Centurions.

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