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The Griffonsword Adventure Company, led by Meregan Kierlic, is unique among many adventure companies in that it includes women as well as men. Meregan is infamous for his total greed, his overconfidence, and the attractiveness of the women in his company. However, he and his company have a well-deserved reputation of getting the job done.

Meregan Kierlic:I a man easy man to understand. My code is straightforward and my troop and I live by it. When I take a contract to escort a lord’s wife or guard a caravan, the caravan arrives intact and on time. The noble ladies are shown great courtesy and guarded more assiduously than they’d prefer, much to their, if you take my meaning! We are very discreet, and are given confidential jobs, such as retrieving runaway wives or delivering letters which must not fall into the wrong hands. Never a word leaks out, when I handle the job.

You:Would you please expound upon that, sir?

Meregan Kierlic:I have excellent female fighters in my company, so I detail them as guards for the ladies I escort. They are well-mannered and the ladies enjoy their conversation; in fact, I actually have recruits from amongst the nobility lord’s daughters who wished for the freedom enjoyed by the women of my troop. My lasses can hold their own in a battle or a tavern brawl, as their would-be seducers have found. Do not think our company in any way hampers out efficiency. My troops are fighters, one and all, and our reputation for relentless defense of our charges and skill in battle precedes us. We are rarely challenged by bandits or other riffraff. When a king hires Gryphonsword Company, he gets a lot more than he pays for!

Introduction about Griffonsword Adventure Company by Meregan Kierlic

Meregan Kierlic can be captured. The Griffonsword Adventure Company generally numbers 150-200 men and women, and consists of the following:

Spawns near Shapeshte.

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