Grandilon is the leader of the 1st Banneret of Marleons, a hirable mercenary company made entirely of Marleons Heavy Cavalry.

He is equipped with a Long Knight Lance and a morningstar, as well as a Heater Shield. He rides a Marleons Highbreed.

The First Banneret can only be hired by King Ulric and the player. Players must have a positive relation with the owner of Marleons, and not be at war with their faction.

Dialogues Edit

Introduction: Good day, {King/Queen} {playername}! You chose well to hire the pride of the Marleons citizenry.

I am Grandilon, the commander of the best riders in Sarleon: the 1st Banneret of Marleons. We have among our numbers the most prominent and proud burghers of our great city - treat us with respect and we'll sweep your enemies off the battlefield.

Departure: Finally our service is at an end.

We depart with pride in our achievements, yet look forward to getting back to Marleons and putting our businesses to order. Our strength is our fair town.

Farewell, {King/Queen}, and mind the friendship of the lord liege of Marleons, for he determines the burgher affection too.

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