It was a scene straight out of a war's battle... Brutal, bloody, and chaotic. Oddly colored arrows lay en masse, embedded into the hard dirt. A woman, a queen, stands in front of a pile of bodies, chopped and sliced. She leans on her two hander; an odd red color, almost ruby-like. She breathes heavily as another man approaches her. She doesn't react, rather to stay leaning upon her weapon.

"Heh... *Huff* Frederick... How is the... *Inhales* Sword I gave you..." The queen in the Azure Plate asks.

"It'z good... Very good. Kommandant, zis sword is wonderfully fast. Mein hands have never felt such a beauty." The old man from Mettenheim responds.

The queen stands up straight, "Are you going to name it?"

"Name it?" Frederick raises an eyebrow as he sheathes the blue-hued two handed sword and removes his helm.

"Yes, name it. My first weapon was named you know... Brutus was my old sword's name." She rests her own sword on her shoulder.

"Maybe... Massenvernichtungswaffe... That zounds lovely... Iz it not?" The old war veteran chuckles.

"That is quite the mouth full... Still it's your weapon." The queen chuckles as her men, if she can call them men, come to follow her lead once again.

"Vhat about you, Kommandant?" Frederick inquires.

The queen ponders, she taps her smooth chin, thinking of an answer to respond with. She thought of many names, basic to complex, standard to exquisite, normal to insane. After a moment of clarity hit her, she had it.

"Red Blood." She simply states.

"Red Blood? Just Red Blood?" He raises his eyebrow once more.

She points down to the corpses, the blood now drying.

"This sword has taken down more enemies that I could keep track of. It always had this red hue to it and now it bathes in the blood of those who oppose us. I find it fitting." She answers with a smirk.

"Hmph, it iz your weapon... I think it iz time we head out once more, Pendor vohn't conquer it'zelf for us." Frederick shakes his head.

"Well I think it's a fine name Frederick." The queen scoffs at her companion's opinion.

"Ve should be moving onwards... Queen Janiciet." The old veteran replies.

Janiciet sighs as she sheathes Red Blood. "I guess we should..."

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