Getting Started Early GameEdit

Getting started in Prophesy of Pendor is not easy if it's your first time playing, and it is very hard if you are new to Mount and Blade Warband overall. This page is a guide on how to get started in the early game so you are not disheartened by the difficulty.

1. The first thing you need to do is:Edit

NOT GET AN ARMY. In Pendor some of the enemies are very very strong. When you start off you need to be light on your feet. That means you don't want any village recruits slowing you down. You also want good pathfinding, 3 is a good number to get up to. You can develop it more later. So when you start off upgrade your pathfinding to 3. Spend all of the rest of your points on strength and power strike, riding, weapon mastery and wound treatment.

2. Your character is made, now how to proceed?Edit

What I like to do, which I find is very effective, is to stay a lone ranger for at least 25-150 days, depending on how patient you are. First I reccomend you stay in the north (So on the snow) and engage the mountain men. They are great for getting your XP up in the early game and you get some decent eq. Once you have decent armour, a horse and a lance you can take on stronger enemies like the forest bandits who are just east of Laria. You can also take on the Raiders to the far west in the lands of Fierdsvain. Once you have 300 Renown you can ride to the nearest town and enter the arena, ask about any tournaments nearby and then travel to those towns to fight and bet where you can make lots of money!