"I am the finest swordsman in all the Forlorn Hope..."


With his homeland in the grips of famine and invaded by Barclay, he was sent to Pendor with his regimental commander on a trade mission. First shipwrecked, then attacked by Snake Cultists, he alone survived. Unable to complete his mission and with no way home, he must live by his blade. He misses his homeland, of course, but has almost despaired of ever returning. He wields a Mettenheim Dueling Sword and is knowledgeable in strategy and tactics. In spite of his somewhat advanced age, he is a valuable asset to any company, especially with his high trainer skill. He will not abide fleeing from battle nor robbing peasants.

He will hire on with you for 6000 denars.

He dislikes Sir Rayne and Ansen, but likes Donavan.

Should you choose to make him into a vassal, he will field a full assortment of Mettenheim Troops. He often bolsters these two-handed menaces using Pendorian Knights, Pendorian Mtd. Men-at-Arms, and less powerful Pendorian swordsman.

Because Mettenheim units often have no shields, his troops often don't do well in sieges, being ripped apart by archers. But put them on an open field, and even Sarleon Knights should be destroyed.

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