Finneas de Digit-1

Finneas de Digit is one of the two itinerant book sellers in Pendor.

At the start of the game he holds the following books:

  • Memories of a Pendorian Commander
  • Applied Rhetorics - Vol.1
  • The complete Manual of Herbal Remedies of Pendor
  • The great Leaders of Pendor
  • The high Arts - Vol. MV
  • The Life of the Legionnaire - Memories of a Centurion
  • The Field Surgeon´s Handbook
  • Stolen Notes of Luciana of Ethos

When you ask him for what else he offers, he can raise stats in exchange for a Qualis Gem. After you trade with him three times any of them, the effects of all the following ones will be halved. He offers three different choices for a gem:

  • Elixir of Arkon: +2 STR, AGI, CHR and +30 Weapon Proficiencies
  • Potion of Janos: +2 INT
  • Dust of Twilight: Randomly one of three outcomes on each of your companions
    • +2 STR, AGI, and CHR (30% chance)
    • +2 INT (50% chance)
    • +40 Weapon Proficiencies (20% chance)

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