The Berserker Sword is a two-handed sword used by several elite Fierdsvain units. It's fairly quick for a two-hander, with decent reach and high damage. The units that use this weapon also pack a wallop, so don't be surprised if you tend to take a lot of damage when hit by it.

Berserker Swords can be found in Fierdsvain merchant shops, though at an uncommon pace. They are fairly inexpensive. To compare this blade to other two-handers, it does not match up well with the longer greatswords such as the Zweihander or Pendor Great Sword; rather it compares well with the Empire Great Sword and Mettenheim Dueling Sword, with similar reach and speed to both, and more damage than either. Troops and lords* that use this weapon include:

*: Lords don't drop items to the loot upon being defeated