Overview Edit

A well known kingdom for their troops having very high bravery and big warrior-pride. The horses are something exclusive for female nobles, being all the commoners forced to fight on foot. The kingdom is proud of their infantry, being considered one of the strongest if not the strongest individually, but there is not much synergy between the troops besides the armored axeman/huscarl-berserker. Their archers very weak, given very poor bows and arrows (Short Bow and simple Arrows mainly) and them being poorly trained in the use of them, so they are said to perform better melee than ranged.

Every single troop is equipped with an Axe, as it stands as the kingdom weapon, most do have a sword as well and a few have throwing weapons like Throwing Axes or Jarids.

The Fierdsvain Berserker are the most prestigious troop of the Fierdsvain, only a few reach this last upgrade where they become almost powerhouses.

Knighthood orders Edit

The Lady Valkyries Sisterhood is the main order of The Fierdsvain. They are an order created by the strongest Valkyries to help out their kingdom, by making it easier to train these troops, upgrading the Valkyries and further train them and recruiting foreign female warriors (maidens) to become sergeants of their order. The latter

They are the factional order of the Fierdsvain, meaning that a Lady Valkyrie is added occasionally to every lord of the kingdom. Jarl Talvor the Fey has Lady Valkyries as his household troop and Lord Inar Hairybreeks has Lady Einherjars.

Reinforcements Edit

These are the recruiting patrons all lords and walled fiefs attached to the Fierdsvain culture will follow (ordered by tier):

Commoners Edit

Nobles Edit

Troop trees Edit

Tier Name
1st Fierdsvain Recruit
2nd Fierdsvain Militia
3rd Fierdsvain Trained Militia Fierdsvain Huntsman
4th Fierdsvain Light Infantry Fierdsvain Bowman
5th Fierdsvain Axeman Fierdsvain Warrior* Fierdsvain Archer
6th Fierdsvain Armored Axeman Fierdsvain Berserker Fierdsvain Heavy Archer
7th Fierdsvain Huscarl Fierdsvain Berserker

Fierdsvain Warriors may also advance into Fierdsvain Armored Axemen.
Fierdsvain Armored Axeman may as well be upgraded to Dawn Wyverns if you meet the special requirements.
You may also see Valdis Huscarls, who spawn only in Fierdsvain armies. They are the Fierdsvain special troop.

Tier Name
1st Fierdsvain Noblewoman
2nd Fierdsvain Sword Maiden
3rd Valkyrie

Valkyries may be upgraded further to Lady Valkyries if you meet the special requirements.

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