Fierdsvain Sword Maiden (profile)

Fierdsvain Sword Maiden (v3.7)

The closest thing that the Fierdsvain field to a knight, Valkyries are fierce women who fight with the same aggression as the Fierdsvain men.

These noble women function as medium skirmishing cavalry armed with jarids, dragonspine axes and the powerful Berserker Swords.

Their armour provides them with good protection and consists of Valkyrie surcoats and Falcon breastplates; in addition they all receive shields for added defence. Their steeds are lightly armoured coursers and warhorses that grant them with speed but offer little protection against blades and arrows. These units fill in a vital gap for any Fierdsvain army as they are the only cavalry force that the Fierdsvain field. The most effective way to use them is to have them follow and constantly harassing the enemy force, once the enemy formation and scattered, let them charge and they will perform decent hit and run attacks. Keep them away from heavy cavalry as they can cut them down with ease.

These troops can further upgrade into Lady Valkyries.

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