Given the penchant of Fierdsvain nobility to footsoldiering while their female counterparts fight as mounted cavalry, it is quite an oddity to see some of the male nobility armed as knights. These men were probably exiled for such a conduct, where Fierdsvain law restricts cavalry operations to females. While they perform a similar role as Valdis Huscarls as heavy cavalry in a Fierdsvain army, they are noticeably weaker and less well-armed than the Koningur's personal guards. However, they are easier to attain for the player and do come armed with combat axes, both missile and one-handed, besides the regular panoply associated with knights.

Stats, Proficiencies and Skills Edit

Lvl 35 Str 21 Int 9
Agi 15 Cha 12
1-hand 300
2-hand 300
Polearm 300
Throwing 300
Ironflesh 7
Power strike 6
Power throw 6
Shield 5
Athletics 6
Riding 5
Horse Archery 7
Tactics 6
Leadership 3

Equipment Edit

*Ranged weapons not guaranteed

**Cannot be used when mounted

Melee wpn Ranged wpn Sub wpn Helm Torso Glove Feet Mount Loot
Ebony Flamberge** Throwing Axes* Kite Shield 'Gold Waterhorse' Great Horned Helmet Fierdsvain Breastplate over Mail Gauntlets Mail Boots Green Caparisoned Hunter Various Loot
Ebony Noble Sword Heater Shield 'White Griffon on Green Shield' Horned Helmet Plate Armor Leather Gloves Iron Greaves War Horse Gold Bar
One Handed Battle Axe Heater Shield 'Gold Rampant Lion on Green Field Molded Great Helm Burnished Heavy Armor Charger
One Handed Axe Heater Shield 'Black Rampant Lion on Yellow' Salade Knight Surcoat 'Green' Ironbred Charger
Bastard Sword Knight Surcoat 'Fierdsvain Nobility' Cropped Mane Hunter
Morningstar Coat of Plates 'Green' Hunter
Lance Long Surcoat 'White and Green'
Sword Long Surcoat 'White and Green V'

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