Fierdsvain Noble Warrior

These noble riders function as medium skirmishing cavalry armed with Jarids (just some of them), Fierdsvain Leaf Swords and the powerful Berserker Swords.

Their armor provides them with good protection and consists of Breatplates and Nobility Surcoats; in addition they all receive shields for added defense. Their steeds are lightly armored coursers and warhorses that grant them with speed but offer little protection against blades and arrows. These units fill in a vital gap for any Fierdsvain army as they are the only cavalry force that the Fierdsvain field. The most effective way to use them is to have them follow and constantly harassing the enemy force, once the enemy formation and scattered, let them charge and they will perform decent hit and run attacks. Keep them away from heavy cavalry as they can cut them down with ease.

Note: Since 3.9:

  • This troop was known as Fierdsvain Sword Maiden, her stats-picture can be seen here.
  • This troop is no longer always female, but mixed. 65% of them will be male and 35% will be female
  • Fierdsvain Valkyrie Surcoat changed to Fierdsvain Nobility's Surcoat
  • Another Golden Maned Courser, making it a 2:1 ratio with Green Caparisoned Hunter

This troop is upgraded from Fierdsvain Noble for 80 d and upgrades to Fierdsvain Hersir for 120 d.