Fierdsvain Huscarl (profile)

Fierdsvain Huscarl (v3.7)

The Huscarls are proud and hearty axemen who hail from The Fierdsvain kingdom. They use an assortment of swords and axes, and don the Fierdsvain breastplate over mail and heraldic mail with surcoat. This allows them to be decently armored, but yet allowing them to move unhindered, unlike a knight in plate armor. Coupled with high personal endurance, the Huscarl are the most powerful non-noble infantry one can easily have access to, provided that they can train their troops to their level. They also come from a mixture of Fierdsvain and Vanskerry families, wearing a variety of different helmets. However, they have at least two things in common. Their distinguishable Huscarl shields and their brutality. Their shields are among the toughest one can find, besides the enchanted shields of the Noldor. The Huscarls can also break shields with ease, a noteworthy trait of theirs.

The Huscarls excel both in the field and in sieges. They fare well even against heavy cavalry. Their shields are invaluable for their protection against missles and a shieldwall of Huscarls can protect almost anything behind them from ranged fire. The Fierdsvain Huscarls are a bane to even the Ravenstern Rangers and to a lesser extent, the Noldor.

This troop upgrades from Fierdsvain Heavy Axeman for 200d and upgrades no more.